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Worst Policy Democrat Party and Republic

Worst Policy Democrat Party and Republic

By Masud HMN

President Biden do worst policy same with other before, namely courgeous support Israel. American continue policy working together, how ever international society anti Israel.We don’t know this why like this . Biden many enemy on th world, its clear. Have opposition for society on world. Also many enemies for the people. This year make propous of presidency as srtruggle against tried to outhorised at America or abroad.

What teory to became winner next election president ? We not understand,possible yes or not, The argument of President this identic with
group society Jewis need in America . They need Biden support always society Jahudi need want to eksist continue.

Primely president institution On this argument above contains two point to support. First winner electorat or voter in next new election. Secondly, need society Jewis international support.

Two support above most importan for President Biden to competition with the Donald Trumps in the general Election next. Becouse in congress need to agree budget spending.That position is on the hand of congres, necseseary important to support Preisident.

How ever to support president Biden it is want several criteria for support namely First how society voter give to gether policy. Number two how minimize influence of the enemy other other president candidate. Donald Trumps and Kamala Harris women Republic party candidate.

Thirdly, Iran government anti Biden policy.Iran ready to control red sea to opposite important to America. This is potensial enemy from Biden. And as enemy for policy President Biden. In the era Presidient on the future. We make article conilusion that President Biden have bad polic.

Namely be cause support Israel to accopied Palestina Government and to avoid international
society proposal to Free Palestinian Government and peace permanent for two country Palestinian and Israel.For future we have Biden understand the problem, and like to appoitmen Propossal peace international.A world peace implemented , International society peace on the future. It is we hope.

Jacarta 14 June 2024.

Doktor Masud HMN Lecturer of Muhammadiyah University Prof Dr Hamka (UHAMKA) Jakarta

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