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Rayyana Bernawi: First Female Astronaut Arab Saudi

Rayyana Barnawi: First Female Astronaut from Arab Saudi

By Masud HMN*)

The first-ever female astronaut of Arab Saudi will be sending to the space for 10 day mission. Who is she? She is Rayyana Barnawi, 33 years old, sent to join the Axiom Mission 2 (Ax-2) as a specialist.

The program was special cooperation with United States on International Space Station (ISS). Rayyana Barnawi is in the mission with fellow astronaut Mariam Pardous and Ali Al Qarni, a fellow Saudi national. Their duty for the space is expected to be implemented during the second quarter of 2023, along with the crew space mission (Saudi Gazette, March 22nd 2023).

As a graduate from King Faisal University and Otago University in New Zealand, Rayyana Barnawi has been working as a research laboratory technician. She has been specialized in
Biomedical Science (ReGD) and has around 9 years of experience in research for Cancer Stem Cells.

This work has been the opportunity offer for her to develop the industry, to enhance the sustainability in Saudi Arabia future science. It is an immense pride and jubilation for many social media users. The program space is part of Crown Prince Salman’s vision 2030 agenda for economic diversification. The program itself was launched in 2022 and in planning some years ago.

Finally, we hope that the program will fully succeed. Hopefully, this agenda will connect the
humanitarian and future science. Amiin yarabbal ‘alamiin.

Jakarta, 27 April 2023

*) Masud HMN, Doctor/Post Graduate Lecture Muhammadiyah University Prof Dr Hamka (UHAMKA) Jakarta

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