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Rayyana Bermawi, First Female Astronout Arab Saudi

Rayyana Bermawi, First Female Asronout Arab Saudi

By Masud HMN*)

First Female Arab Saudi will sending to space couple for one month, He is Rayyana Bermawi, 33 years old set by under the AX2 spacemission.The program was special cooperatiom with United States on International space Station (ISS) Rayyana Bermawi in the mission with
fellow astronout Mariam Pardous and Alial Qarni . They duty for the space espextation along the crew space mission

Long of the mission at least a month ( Saudi Gazeth, February 14th 2023). Back ground education Rayyana Bermawi, King Faisal University and addition Otago
New Zealand University. She curently working as training research on laboratory specilis. So specialis in genetic engineering and handed cancer storm cell research
She is good experience nine years a briliant reseach at field cancer storm .

Barnawi a young Laborary so who vast experience in reseach special Saudi Arabia send Bermawi starting
second quarter 2023 . She is working as mission appurtunity offer to develop industry. To suistinable enhance ability sciene in Saudi Arabia future, It is immence prided and jubiliton many social media users especaly.

The program space ambition strategy Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohamad bin Salman. The Program lounch in 2022 , Finally we hope the program wall pul success. How ever this agenda conectewd humanitarian and science future . Alhamdulillah wa Insha Allah.

Jakarta 15th Februay 2023

*) Masud HMN, Doctor and Lecture Muhammadiyah University Prof. Dr. HAMKA Jakarta.

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