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King Saudi Arabia Aid To Turkey- Syria Earth Quake

King Saudi Arabia Aid To Turkey –Syria Earth Quake
By Masud HMN*)
The is humatarians essent for us all. Earth quake in Turkey and Syria very big quake ‘For this need attension all especially for safety and survival.
Starting by King Salman of Kingdom Saudi Arabia was sent with 11 truck aids to Turkey-Syria earth quake 11 Februari 2023. Caryying 104 tons food and shelter aids from Humatarian of King Salman or KSRELIEF.
The aids special for hit areas Turkey -Syria As the report from Saudia Press Agency (SPA) that is The truck trouhgt Khust Ala Zaiton port distributed to victim of natural disastertis.
Hopes the food and shekter can to be help them at hit area in north of Syria and south of Turkey. Mean while as we know It is operation cooperation joint under Director General Authority Civil Depencn and medical team from Saudi Arabia . Also volunteer person operation under Red Cross Sudi Arabia.
In government Kingdom Saudi Arabia aids continuing operation to Turkey and Syria to explains to society Total noted was 21 000 people killed, Consist of 18,000 people in Turkey and 3.000 in Syria.That noted is children and older people, How ever to rocovwey operate to implilication of earthquahe, need to participation society.
The earth quake to hit areas need high standard ensure the society and survivor That is need the special intension and direct carrying Finaly both of essent part a that survivor and safety may be come from intervention Kingdom Saudi Arabia That means , hope to King Salman insiative to KSR RELIEF more and more active to search ‘
Jakarta 10th February 2023
*) Masud HMN is Doktor Lecture Of
Muhammadiyah University ( Prof. Dr. Hamka) Jakarta.
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