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Iran President Pass Away, Who Will New President Elected?

Iran President Pass Away, Who Will New
Presiden Elected ?

By Masud HMN

On May 20th, 2024 President Iran pass away.
He in the Helicopter incident at teritory East
Azarbiyan. His helicopter destroyer after lost
contact same time Incident to kill all pesengger . Included Minister Foreign affair . Follow of the group President.

Then next 28th June 2024 will new president
election. The event very impotant. Particularly
furture fo Iran country and also region kondition.
Be side The President Ebrahim Raisy also Minister Foreign Affair Iran follow him. We know back ground of helicopter condition before is ready. Conclution, all okey in the good condition. (Arab News , June 20th 2024 ).

Insident out of the control. It is incident no can
prediction . Takdir Allah, only The God know that.
As we know Iran President Ebrahim Raisy pass
away a month ago on incidence helicopter. Very appreciated prople local and international for him. He populair President.

That looking of interest connected elected schedule 28th June 2024, election President in Iran. The event to elect new President replace
Ebrahim Raisy.Amid condition several The critical aspect observer votes of election.

The people devided two part, namely firsth to
support government policy, and second of Iran
demonstrating group with perception legitimed. Demsrtative group related to regional tension sponsore by America, external pressures (insisten, push) No one know who next president elected many people questionable. Not easy to predict that. Several factor relate for this not easy to eksplain For me at least fourth pactor to explain this election President is :
Firsth, argument Iran government that under
influecence government.
Secondly, factor Ayatullah Khameney
prominent ulama from Iran. Refseentatif and
have power people of Iran.Who will replace
Thirdly, factor Capasity candidat President. His
Intelecual, relation, popularity. Particularly
intellectual ulama.

Fourth, factor external like government border teritory. Example Emirat Arab, Republk Iraq, and King Kingdom Saudi Arabia All aspect influence to who new President. We wait and see. Wishing success apilication good and peace. Any how we views Indonesia and Iran have relation good friendship. Of course we ready coopertation together. To develop Muslim country as progress in the future. –

Jakarta, June 22,2024.
Doktor Masud HMN Lecturer Muhammadiyah
Universiy Prof Dr Hamka (UHAMKA) Jakarta

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