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Overbearing China and ITS Frustasion
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By Mas ud HMN*) 
The purpose Overbearing China and Its frustasion of writing this article is just to tell not only in our region the South Cina sea (SCS). But also in other sector how China plays is treacherous our games with its neighbours This time was india, with like earlier occasions stood firm exhebited high level of bravery at the border and showed China its level.
In 1993 India and China signed agreement on Border Peace and Tranguility and setting up of India China expert group comprising Diplomatic and Military Officer to assist the works in Joint Working Group Since Line of Actual Control (LAC) remained unmarket. China has been presenting its own version of maps and claiming more area a long LAC.
India had been facing China expansionist behaviour for along time. Along the 3.4 86 km long LAC. The de facto border between India and China There are plenty for instantces how sweadly China materializes as policy of gradual expansion keeping aside its relations with is neighbours. The doctrin of bullying and intimidation, showing its strength and military power has cause many unpleasant situasional with other countries by disrespecting the territorial integrity. With such behavior, China has lost its crediblity in the world arena.
Like before China applied some tactics in India in Landakh sector recently. China has been such 
hawkis activities in india- China border along LAC 
many time for past many year. 
Between 2016 and 2018 China military has ctossed over to Indian Teritory 1.205 times in 2010 there were 663 Chinees transgeressien Record indicated That India had always tried solve the matter with peace full dialogis through the meeting between senior Army Comanders.
Since May ,2020 there have been member ofincidents in Eastern Landakh. How ever situation in the Galwan Valley firsth developed when China side stated raising objection to Indian border infra structur withim India teritorie close to the LAC. The objective to India constructing make shirt bride over river Shick on to India side. The work for bridge and undergoing since March 2020 mean while head project their side of LAC has been engage in construction of road long Galwan rivuled. He recent China expansionist move witnessed since May 05,2020 few place near the LAC at aimid he existing situation and make newer claim. In subsequent development, project PLA such significant mobilizatons of its troops including Air Force close in Aksai China area China prior intension of doing missed chiep, They had stationed significant reserves forces near the border on the protect training exercise In view significant Chines military build up India was also forced to mobilised its Defence Forces forward 
arena in safe guard its territory interest. 
During the process the China side set up temporary tent in the Galwan Valley on the India side just acces the LAC under protect the was monitor the agreeddisanggedment and would will be removed so on, Subsquenity the China side shifte their stance indicating that the structure were within was within their perception of the LAC and avoide giving any time line for ist removal despite repeated request.
On June,15 when some Indian army personale went the spot to full of the promise made by Chinrse quickly amassed a large number of troop. In viuled stand up that followed India lost 20 soldier inducting a Commanding Officer There had been casualities pn China side too Inducting the lost Comanding Batalyon, China very much hesitant to revieal its casualities, but there are reports from various sources that China lost 40 -50 soldiers in hand to hand fight It is fact Indian solidier not prepared They went there to have a talk with the Chinase soldier 
who were armed with iron ruds nail embeded sticks 
clubs etc, Now China has also accepted that there 
heavy China casualities.
Since June,16, two sides had been maintaining 
communication level to de- desclate - the stuation 
India has conveyed strong protes to China that China side has taken pre-mediated and planed action that lead violent stand up The Chines side tried to change fact on the grounf by force, wich went agains all the agreement that bind both sides not to alter the status quo. It was stressed that China side needed to respect and reserve the LAC and not take any unilateral action to alter it The China stand that Indian side had crossed the LAC into their territory in the Galwan Valley wich lead face-of, Its entirely inconnect Record are available showing that it was China that tragessed the border and destruct the tranquality It be noted that in 1960 during official level taks on border question the China side supplied the coordinates of their claim line where is crossed The Galwan River The correspond the LAC that India has always making exaggerated, aim the entire Galwan Valley was Chinesse territory, But one should not perceive that should binding on others China media intensive propaganda about superiority and innocent clearly exbited their frustasion. 
China always work on the own perception In south China sea also it always advocates its perception of Hisstorical Fishing Region and Nine Dash line . It is good to have own perception How ever fact on the ground are always different.In 1962 War wherever Indian Troops had proper arm and ammunition clothing etc theyfought very cariously and gave tough fight to casualities of its soldiers. In Doklam episode also China's Guangdong knew it was wrong and had reat treat That time at Galwan Chines soldier given very stern and befitting blow by unnamed Indian soldiers It is the time China should sober up. 
*)Masud HMN is Doctor Lecture Muhammadiyah 
University Prof Dr Hamka (UHAMKA) Jakarta


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