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Yemeni Recapture Shabwa District from Houthis
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Yemeni Recapture Shabwa District from Houthis

By Masud HMN*) 
As we know Yemeni government difficult conditions how to stop conflict ini Arab Penisula. Today. look at become as circle conflict That conflict intern 
Houthi, conflict with Saudi Arabia. That means same time Yemen Government agains with Houthis and Saudi. In the fact on the circle problem continue until now.

Yes it is clear. How ever Yemen Government has to control.  That It is clear. Indeed Army commanders and local officials appeared in videos, taking group photos and speaking to jubilant people outside the center of 

Giants Brigades official media also reported that their forces liberated the 
strategic Bin Ageel Mountain in Ouselan and surrounding areas, and are currently marching towards new areas in Bayhan district.

Warplanes from the Arab coalition on Saturday and Sunday carried out raids in Shabwa, targeting Houthi military vehicles and locations, Yemeni officials said.
By seizing control of Ouselan, the government troops have effectively cut the Houthi supply routes to their fighters in Hareb district, south of Marib, 
district the attention of the Houthis and alleviating pressure on government 
troops defend the city.

 “This is a very important development. We have one goal, one battle and one enemy,” a military official said, adding that the Houthis moved some of their forces in Marib province to defend their territory in Shabwa, relieving pressure on government forces and enabling them to score limited gains on Sunday.

“The Houthis are amassing huge forces to defend Bayhan and are inciting tribal leaders to mobilize and recruit people to fight government troops,” the officialsaid.

If the Giants Brigades and army troops fully capture Bayhan and Al-Aid in the coming days, they would surround pockets of Houthis south of Marib, including in Juba, Al-Abedia and Hareb, significantly weakening Houthi attacks on Marib from the south, and would also pave the way for government troops to attack the Houthis in Abyan and Al-Bayda.

In September, the Houthis besieged the district of Al-Abedia and opened a new front in the war south of Marib, taking advantage of their control of Bayhan in Shabwa.

Then, deployment of several brigades from the Giants Brigades that have long positioned along the country’s west coast, in Shabwa province, is part of a new military strategy prepared by the Arab coalition.

The strategy is based on moving forces from less fraught areas such as 
Hodeidah to reinforce government troops on more intense battlefields such as Marib and Shabwa.Connect with the liberation of large amounts of land in Shabwa .has sparked joy in Yemen and has given government troops on the battlefields a big morale boost.

Yemen’s President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi called the governor of Shabwa to congratulate him on the latest military gains in the province and ordered him to press ahead with the offensive until the Houthis are driven out of the province, the official news agency SABA said.
Hadi added that his forces would defeat the Iran-backed militia and return peace and stability to war-torn Yemen. It is gives a fenomena positive 
More then we can to notised a telephone conversation with the governor of 
Shabwa, Yemen’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdul Malik Saeed, who is currently visiting the UAE, also praised the Yemeni troops and Giants Brigades forces for scoring military gains in Shabwa, pledging support to the governor and other commanders leading the fight against the Houthis.

The Saudi ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al-Jaber, also reacted to the news of the military success in Shabwa, by tweeting that the liberation of Ouselan is For us in Indonesia persfektive,all step can to do. No peafe with no stable. And no stable wirhout compromy.
Jakarta.11st January,2022.
*) Dr Masud HMN is Lecture Post Graduate Muhammadiyah Univerasity Prof Dr Hamka (UHAMKA) Jakarta. Email masud.riau@gmail. com


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