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When Conflict Saudi Arabia - Yemen Stop?
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When  Conflict Saudi Arabia –Yemen Stop?
By Masud HMN *)
For me  conflict  Saudi Arabia  and Yemen news come from Saudi recently not good information ..The  Saudi defenses destroy several drones launched by Yemen’s Houthis . Yemen attack  not only toward the Kingdom Saudi  but  also to Arab coalition.     
According Arab News Daily based in Riyad, December 5,2021: Saudi Arabia’s air defenses destroyed Houthi drones targeting the Kingdom, the Arab coalition said early on Monday December,6th,2021.
The all drones were shot down in Yemen before thetuy could cause harm.Yemen’s drones  not success to reach  targeting  Kingdom  and shot down  in Yemen  teritory ,
As we know  This follows the part of downing of several drones launched by the Iran-back militia on Sunday. Teheran  bqacked  Houthu group  regularly shot rocket  and  drones  attack  on Saudi terirries.
 Rahman  Al Hamdani of Yemen  Policy Centre  says to Aljazeera (22 November 2021)   Saudi lead coalition launched  aimid  campaign  at rolling back Houthi teritoriesl gains.  “Conflict has killed more than 233.000 people. Since 2015 untill now,” said Rahman  Al Hamdani  
How  ever on  Arab Coalition persfective The action comes as the Arab coalition forces have been eliminating militia assets in recent weeks, including weapons and personnel.
But The militia frequently launch cross border attacks using explosive-laden drones and ballistic missiles targeting populated areas in the Kingdom’s southern region.
The group, who seized the Yemeni capital in 2014, Two country  have been fighting the internationally recognized government,  That is clear,  supported by the Saudi-led Arab coalition.
Earlier on Sunday this week , the coalition said Saudi defenses intercepted , Then, destroyed with  four drones That tried to target the southern region.
The Arab Parliament denounced the attacks and said they constitute a clear violation. Acording  of the Stockholm Agreement, which stipulates a cease-fire.
It “called on the international community to take an immediate and decisive stance to stop these repeated terrorist acts, and to prevent this militia from acquiring advanced military technology, which the Iranian regime supplies and used to target vital and civilian facilities.”
The United Arab Emirate (UAE) strongly condemned the attempts to target the Kingdom and said the continuation of these terrorist attacks by the Houthi militia reflects its blatant defiance of the international community.Bahrain also strongly condemned the attacks, saying it “reflects the militias’ continued sinister and systematic attacks to target civilians and innocent lives.”The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed Bahrain’s support for all measures Saudi Arabia takes to ensure the security and safety of its territory, citizens and residents.
The war in Yemen has now raged for seven years, with some of the fiercest fighting taking place this year in the resource-rich and government-held province of Marib.
On Sunday, three Yemeni civilians were wounded when four Houthi missiles landed in residential areas in Marib.
Large explosions rocked the city after the four missiles hit the airport, Al-Shareka and Rawdha neighborhoods, residents said.
Footage on social media showed thick smoke billowing from shelled areas as people fled.
“The Houthi militia’s repeated targeting of the city of Marib, which is crowded with millions of residents and displaced people, with ballistic missiles is part of its attempts to inflict a big number of casualties among civilians. This is a cowardly act of revenge,” said Moammar Al-Eryani, Yemen’s information minister.
Finally, on my opinion as  Indonesia people, Kingdom Saudi  and Arab Emuirate  very clear  position. It is  safe they country against  drones attack from out.. Unlogicaaly abaut  Yemen argument to  attack Saudi and Arab coalition.
My question is  when conflict  ends, and going to  dialog step to  finishing  all problem.  Conflict with  weapon  and attact each other  is  very bad solution.  All  conflict can to solve with dialog. No exception  Arab Saudi  and Yemen  conflict 

Jacarta,December ,6th.2021
)* Masud HMN,Doctor  Lecture  Muhammadiyah University  UHAMKA Jakarta.



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