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Indonesia Must Be Concrete and Firm On Israeli Violence in Palestine
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President of Lajnah Tanfidziyah Syarikat Islam Indonesia (PSII): Indonesia Must Be Concrete and Firm on Israeli Violence in Palestine

Jakarta, Wednesday / May 12, 2021,,- The conflict carried out by Israeli soldiers in the Ghaza route and the Aqsa Mosque in Palestine is increasingly concerning. International calls for an end to Israeli violence and brutality against Palestinian civilians.

President Lajnah Tanfidziyah Syarikat Islam Indonesia (PSII) KH Muflich Chalif Ibrahim urged Indonesia as a member of the OIC regarding the Conflict in Palestine so that there is a concrete attitude and firmness of the Jokowi-KH Ma ‘ruf Amin Government.

According to KH Muflich, until now the Government has not been clear about the attitude of the State / Government, which should criticize, condemn and help concretely, we Islamic organizations are trying to encourage, support and pray for the government to be more assertive through the United Nations, for example to impose firm sanctions. And concretely to Israel, at the same time we hope that the government will dare to state that Indonesia is ready to send military assistance or send world peace troops and humanitarian assistance needed by the Palestinian people / nation.

“Indonesia should be more assertive in encouraging and calling on the nations through the UN to provide concrete and firm international sanctions,” explained KH Muflich, via Whats App, Wednesday (12/5/2021) night.

Until now, Indonesia has not taken a stand, so can Islamic countries, especially members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), act? KH Chalif said it should be possible, but unfortunately many of the OIC members have been held hostage and have established cooperation in certain fields with Israel.

If Indonesia is not assertive and more courageous, can it be said that Indonesia is also held hostage by Israel?

“Far from the ideal situation of our position and the Islamic world today in facing the tyranny experienced by our brothers in other countries (Palestine), our participation is highly expected by the world in participating in maintaining world order and peace. In this we are also bound and limited by the rules / agreements of the nations, “concluded Pak Kyai closing his comments. (Harun).


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