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Pakistan Refuse Aktual Issue
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By Al Bahist

No many people understand back ground  of hystoriaan dispute in South East Aaia  .The last few decades, India has been combating  problem cross-border emanating from Pakistan. Against this action  Islamabad refuse always What happen and  why

We can see  to refuse  Groups like Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), Las Toiba (LeT) etc. have carried out attacks against Indian civilians and military personnel/ installations. The latest  action attack took place on February 14,2018  at Pulwama in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), when a JeM suicide bomber attacked an Indian Security Forces convoy, killing more than 40 Indian Para-military personnel.

Though after each attack, India has repeatedly shared information on the involvement of Pak-based terrorists, with the government of Pakistan, requesting for action to be taken against these groups, it has taken no concrete action to dismantle the terror infrastructure operating within its borders. As a result, terror organizations have continued to plan and execute attacks against India with impunity from their safe havens in Pakistan.

The JeM, which claimed responsibility for the Pulwama attack, has been active in Pakistan for the last two decades. It is a terrorist organization, banned by the UN and has carried out a series of attacks against India, including one on the Indian Parliament in December 2001 and on the Indian Air Force Base at Pathankot in January, 2016.

Then the Pulwama attack, the Indian intelligence agencies received credible information that leM was planning other similar attacks in India. Therefore, a pre-emptive strike became absolutely necessary and India decided to strike one of JeM's biggest training camps in Balakot, Pakistan.

So, pre-emptive non-military operation, carried out in the early hours of February, 26, large number of JeM terrorists were eliminated. However, as always, Pakistan has been in denial mode. Rather than taking action against the terror groups, it has denied the existence of a JeM camp in Balakot. Instead on the morning of February 27, PAF carried out strikes inside Indian territory in J&K shooting at Indian jets that scrambled to intercept the PAF aircraft that had crossed the Line of Control (LOC).

Transgressions by Pak aircrafts have continued as on Feb 28. 2018. This retaliatory action by Pakistan is indicative of its lack of will to act against terror and instead protect these terror groups, most of whom are the creation of the Pakistani military and used as their proxies.

At this juncture, when most countries across the world are grappling with the menace of terror, India's pre-emptive strikes on the JeM camp in Pakistan, sends a loud and clear message to the international community to unite in its fight against terror Many nations, including the US, Australia and the European Union, while calling for restraint on both sides, have also categorically called on. Pakistan to take steps against its terror proxies. The international community must realize that if it wants to root out the threat of terrorism from a large cross section of the world, this is the appropriate time to apply pressure on Pakistan to start dismantling its terror factories.

For long, time,  Pakistan has used the bogey of being a Nuclear state to seek support from world powers to de-escalate tensions with India In all these years, these terror groups have expanded their influence within Pakistan. Lately, it has also been seen that the Pak military has begun to politically mainstream some of these groups, including the LeT.

The Trump administration in the US hasalready woken up to the fact that Pakistan has misled the US for years, when itprovided safe haven to the Haqqani Network, while giving the US the impressionthat it was taking action against the terror group. There is little doubt that Pakistan army will act against its terror assets until and unless there is a large scale pressure on the country to change. The time has come for all responsible countries to jointly impose stringent sanctions against.

Last but  not leas Pakistant has to changes its policy to harbor terror groups. That is the only lasting solution to this recurring issue and for peace in the region and beyond WE wait, hope  and see.

Jakarta, August 18th, 2019




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