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Opportunity for Coffee Player by The Coffee Innovation Fund
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Opportunity for Coffee Player by the Coffee Innovation Fund

Jakarta,,-The coffee innovation fund southeast asia ( CIF- SEA) inveted expression and interest from coffee players aiming to.put innovatives ideas through implemented practise, system, and tools in the coffee sector. 

The CIF SEA is one year fund supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Coopration and Development ( BMZ) and implemented by tge GIZ in collobolaration with network partner, namely BEKRAf ( Badan Ekonomi Kreatif), SCOPi ( Sustainable Coffe Platform Indonesia), ImpactHub Jakarta, and SCAI ( Speciality Coffe Association Indonesia) to promote sustainable and to increase market access in the value chain.

The one day outreach event on 13 august 2019 in Morrissay Hotel, targeted audience from the SMEs, Starups, and networks or community members of SCOPI and Impact Hub Jakarta. The event served as an avenue fir more than 40 participants concisted of the coffee growers,.private business representatives, cafe owners, roasters, baristas, cooprative leaders, and developmental and agencies. 

The outreach event provided a brief insight info the opportunities along the coffe value chain though innovative coffee based product development ( fine arabica and robusta) in three thematics areas of solutions. Through a knowladge - rich discussion, the participants were encouraged to develop ideas in innovative farming systems, transparent and inklusive business models, and access to new markets.

Furter, the submitted ideas have to full the criteria of potential for impact, innovative but feasible for one year implementation, replicable in other areas or countries, and scalable to be developed under the fund.

"The coffee innovation fund will continue to.bring benefit to coffee partner. It supports innovation in the coffee sector, for example, emmision- free coffee farming; Experimental processing, and fermentation methode to create diffrent cup profiles; premiumsharing models; track and trace system; digital trading platform or innovation in roasting and brewing," quoted from Till Ahnert, Principal Advisor Coffee Innovation Fund.

About GIZ The Deutsche Gesellchaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has been working in Indonesia sunce 1975. GIZ offece in Jakarta is also responsible for regional projects implemented in cinjunction with the ASEAN Secretariat and for coopration with the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste. (realease/hrn).


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