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Pakistan, Breeding Ground Of Terrorist
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Pakistan, Breeding Ground of Terrorist

By Al Bahist

An important issue in South East Asia Region  recently is  breeding  ground terrorism, As we know.Pakistan a country , since its birth, could not maintain balance between politicians and military generals. Army became more powerful with all practices of assassination, political murder and mysterious incidents.Army lauded its role and actions by proxy war against its neighbouring countries and frequently used the terroists as tools for this purpose.

In era President Zia-aul-Haq, army General , In order to secure his grip on power , introduced ‘’Islamization’’, which disturbed the peace in the region. It also gave way to intense terrorism. Devolepmental aids and finances Pakistan received to manage millions of Afghani refugees during russia’s presence in Afghanistan , it spent in terrorist trainings and camps in the border region between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Clandestine operations gave immense authority to pakistan’s Inter-Service Intellegence (ISI).
The “Islamization’’ give significant  contributed to the growth of Madrassas all over Pakistan, teaching extremism, many of which went out of control. They served as recruiting grounds and training centres for terrorists. After the Soviet withdrawal, ties between Afghani Taliban fighters and Pakistan remained close. Pakistan was one of onlu a few countries to formally rejognize the Taliban government .
Accord to Rebort M. Cassidy in his article ‘The Illusion of Strategy in Afghanistan: No Change in Pakistan’s Malice’. January 6, 2018, has rightly satated that as 2018 began, Pakistan had not stopped its support to terrorists and insurgents in Afghanistan  and elsewhere.
Yes true The war in Afghanistan should have ended in 2002, but instead Pakistan’s security  establishment regenareted the Taliban and hosted the movement and its headquarters in Pakistan , along with various other Islamist terrorist groups. Pakistan Army and ISI continued to be longstanding patrons of islamist millitans like the Taliban and the haqqains. Many of the foreign millitans in north Waziristan area of Pakistan , belonged to the Al-Qaeda an Taliban-linked group, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU).
Important  notice that  IMU was primarily focused on attacking on international forces in Afhanistan, Later, eith Tahrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), IMU fought with Pakistani forces  and attacked various installations in Pakistan viz.Red Mosque siege in Islamabad, attack of Bannu prision and release of 384 prisoners consisting of very hard-core terroists, attack on Jinnah International Airport, Karachi etc, 
Presently, the total strength of IMU doesnot exceed 100, half of whom are family members and it operates in the provinces of Faryab and Jowzjan in Afghanistan. Carlotta Gall, a journalist, described Pakistan as an unequalled incubator for Islamist militants, who resurrected the Taliban destabilize Afghanistan.        Pakistan was a state sponsor of Islamist terrorists. It continued he the biggest jihadist factory.Pakistan has always used  jihad as a tool and employed Islamist militants to pursue its state policy in South Asia. 
The ever-present global threat of huge amount of terrorism, is linked with the Islamist militants in Pakistan, Pak army had extensively used Islamic militants to pursue its agenda both internally and externally to revise the peaceful situation in the region.
In fact many expert  of  South Asian studies  believe that Pakistan 's cultivation of Islamist groups, has gravely damaged Pakistan’s security and regional stability. Some of the very Islamist terrorists that Pakistan created or assisted, have been attacking Pakistan for years The current U.S. Afghanistan strategy acknowledges that Pakistan’s support and sanctuary for the Taliban is a major obstacle to success. The Taliban, Haqqani Network and other terrorist  groups will continue to regenerate and multiply, with a flow of isiamist militants into Afghanistan from the incubator-madrassas in Pakistan.
Example Robert M. Cassidy in article “Ending Pakistan's Export of Jihadists: The Key to Win in Afghanistan”, August 28. 2017. has stated that a policy to win in Afghanistan  required undermining the Taliban's strategic base- the external support and sanctuary that Pakistan continued to provide.
So, S. Paul Kapur, Professor in the Department of National Security Affairs at the U.S.Naval Postgraduate School, asserted: “Jihad has become a central component ofPakistani grand strategy.”
The United States and its partners still face a stalemate in Afghanistan after almost 16 years .The sanctuary in Pakistan is the most significant strategic impediment to a win Afghanistan. Almost every U.S. report on progress in Afghanistan over the years, has stated that Pakistan’s sanctuary and support, prevent the defeat of the Taliban. Pakistan always failed to alter its strategic approaches It continues to incubate and guide the regeneration of murderous Islamist terrorists.
Over 20 regional and international terrorist groups are fighting in Afghanistan. Most of them operate from Pakistan. These groups are included in the list containing banned ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida outfits.Around 1800-2000 fighters belonging to the Haggani network, lead Taliban operations in the provinces of Khost, Paktiya and Paktika in Afghanistan. Currently, the total. number of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan fighers in Kunar, Paktiya and Paktika is estimated at more than 3500.
Amongst the more prominenr groups operating along Pakistan-Afghanistan border, Lashkar-e Tayyiba(LeT) continues to act as a Key facilitator in recruitment and financial support activities. Approximately 500 LeT members were active in Kunar and Nangarhar provinces of Afgthanistan.The group reportedly tried to manage relations between the Taliban and ISIL and establish some kind of truce, though recently it has tried to distance itself from 1SIL and has played a more neutral role. Pakistan's Inter Service Intelligence Directorate (ISI) has maintained links with Al-Qaeda, its longtime Taliban allies and a host of other Islamists inside and outside Pakistan.

The Coalition cannot win in Afghanistan without a regional approach for which the US and allies will have to pressurise      Pakistan to stop from aiding the Taliban and the Haqqani Network After 9/11, the US has essentially stipulated that Pakistan-must curb all domestic expression of support for terrorism- show a sustained commitment to and make significant efforts towards combating terrorist groups
- cease support, including by any elements within the Pakistan military or its intelligence agency, to extremist and terrorist groups; and
 - dismantle terroist bases of operations in other parts of the country. Pakistan's proxy jihadists cannot be defeated with half measures. For a win is to shut down the sanctuaries and all support from Pakistan. 

In my opinion a serious  problem in this  century beside  Palestinie that is  Afghanistan.Imternatiuonal community  neef to take all step to  solution  For peace region and avoid  danger epicentrum on Pakistan 

Jakarta, August 8th,1918


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